TRC swings into action when a company calls in search of a hard-to-find part. The company may have tried without success to locate the parts through normal distribution channels.

TRC’s experienced sales staff immediately gets in touch with its extensive worldwide vendor base, working the phones and the internet until they find the right parts at the right price. When the customer approves the price, the product is shipped from the vendor to TRC’s warehouse, where a complete quality check is performed before the parts are forwarded to the customer.

Sometimes the process works in reverse. Many times customers have excess inventory that they need to sell, but don’t really know how to market. TRC has several options available to its customers to enable them to move their inventory, enhance their bottom line and free up warehouse space.

One of the most popular and profitable avenues is consignment. The customer sends its excess inventory to TRC’s warehouse, where it is accurately counted. The customer then receives a report with pertinent information regarding the inventory. TRC posts the inventory on its worldwide web sites and its hardworking sales force pounds the phones until a buyer is found.

The profits from the sales are divided between TRC and the customer based on negotiated percentages.

In short, TRC helps companies by finding them the parts they need at the best possible price. It also helps improve company’s bottom lines by finding buyers for excess inventory.

Need help disposing of scrap inventory in an environmentally responsible manner? TRC can help you with that, too.