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Why We're Unique - Right Choice Electronics

Why We’re Unique


To be successful in this business, companies need motivated and knowledgeable sales staff, good purchasing agents, an accurate customized inventory system and a keen sense of the electronics market. TRC’s success and rapid growth really come from something much more basic than that – they come from a deep commitment to help customers solve their component problems, and from an intense work ethic that is an integral part of TRC’s culture.

“Frankly, not everyone who comes to work for us succeeds,” says Vice President Robert Campbell. “The ones who DO succeed are the ones who enthusiastically embrace the way we do things here. Our employees make us successful because they work hard trying to develop better customer and vendor contacts around the world. TRC succeeds because of our commitment to satisfying and meaningful partnerships with our customers.”

“We simply work harder. Our results prove it.”


TRC may have started small, but its growth rate has been phenomenal.
In 2008 the company purchased a 5000 square foot office/warehouse building to keep up with blossoming customer demand.

Today, TRC has a worldwide customer base of more than 10,000 companies, and it is growing fast. The company did several million dollars worth of business in its first year, and more than doubled that in its second year. TRC expects another very successful year in spite of the current economic slowdown. It is the kind of growth that only comes from successful customer relationships.