Excess Inventory and Consignment

Clean House Inventory Program (CHIP)

CHIP provides a custom approach that consistently gives our customers the highest returns. CHIP is effective because of the following features:


Our program focuses sharply on buyers who want your inventory because they need it – not buyers who hope to “flip” the inventory for quick profits. Our focus is not on the quick disposal of your excess inventory at pennies on the dollar. Instead, we focus on YOUR INTERESTS. That means we work to cultivate good offers, not quick-turnaround lowball offers.


We base our program on actual current market conditions, and we share this information with you from the outset. This gives both you and us an accurate picture of what your inventory is actually worth right now, in real-world dollars. TRC is in a unique position to discern actual market circumstances; the market picture you get from us is an accurate picture.


TRC constantly monitors the buyer side of the marketplace. We have our finger on the industry’s pulse, and that means we always have a clear vision of the “demand” side of the market. When you get in touch with us about excess inventory, we already have a good idea of what the market demand will be for the inventory you wish to sell.


TRC does not believe in “off the shelf” or “one size fits all” solutions when it comes to excess inventory. Every CHIP agreement is a customized plan that takes into account the size and nature of the inventory and the special needs of our seller/partner. We have made sizeable investments in inventory tracking software that is a part of every CHIP program that we design.


Once we’ve agreed upon a custom program, TRC “hits the ground running.” We immediately notify our vast network of contacts and potential buyers – the people we know are likely to need exactly what you are selling. Then we follow through by pounding the phones (this is just pure hard work, and we’re good at it). The Rapid Notification part of CHIP usually turns up substantial leads within a short time. Remember: Unpredictable markets can result in good buy offers evaporating literally within minutes. When you give us the green light, we go!


TRC understands that in the business of excess inventory sales, overhead that isn’t “lean and mean” can quickly tip the scales of tight margins. TRC is proud of its ESD-certified warehouse facilities, and the company is ISO 9001:2008/AS9120 CERTIFIED. At the same time, TRC has always approached overhead costs with a very, very sharp pencil. We pass these cost savings along to you.

The independent distributor market is saturated with companies that claim to have a “secret system” to help you move your excess inventory. The real truth is there is no magic formula. Most distributors use all the marketing techniques available, from internet websites to telemarketing sales. TRC recognizes that success comes from:

  1. Good relationships between vendors, CM’s and OEMs
  2. Market demand for your particular product
  3. Pricing and availability

The Right Choice Electronics (TRC Electronics) has been involved in the electronics component industry for 21 years. We are a worldwide stocking distributor of both active and passive electronic components. General Electric, Motorola, ABB Automation and other industry leaders have relied on us for years to keep their production lines going.

As you know, TRC has an industry-wide reputation for fairness, honesty, diligence and, above all, RESULTS. You can depend on us to provide you with the highest possible return for your product.