Moisture Sensitive Devices

  1. When moisture sensitive parts are received they should be in a dry pack bag. Evidence of desiccant should be able to be seen and felt.
  2. After opening bag, humidity indicator card is inspected to insure parts have not been subjected to enough moisture to harm parts.
  3. If parts have been subjected to moisture (per humidity indicator card) or the bag has been improperly sealed then the parts will have to be sent to test facility to be baked. This will entail extra cost to customer so they need to be notified if they wish to proceed forward with this or decline the parts.
  4. If parts have not been subjected to improper amount of moisture then the QC process will continue in a prompt manner. Once inspection is complete the parts will then have a new indicator card and desiccant put into bag with parts and it is dry packed and sealed again for shipment to customer.
  5. Pricing and lead time of baking differs with test facilities and depends on the quantity of the parts and the type of product it is. Pricing provided to customer is not an inflated cost but the actual pass thru cost from the test house to the customer.