Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The Right Choice Electronics D/B/A TRC Electronics

Purchase Order

  1. All order will be in complaints with AS9120:2009/ISO 9001:2008 Section 7.4.1 Purchasing Process.


  1. All parts must be in factory sealed packaging, new and unused.


  1. Supplier acknowledges that all orders are placed with the understanding that time is of the essence.


  1. Any late or short shipments are cause for cancellation by TRC Electronics without TRC Electronics incurring any additional costs or obligations with the exception of scheduled orders.  Those will be on case to case basis.


  1. Notice must be provided within 3 days after receipt of this purchase order that you are unable to supply the complete order by the date specified.


  1. The Courts of the County of Pinellas, State of Florida will have exclusive jurisdiction and venue of any dispute that arises out of or relating to this purchase order.


  1. Florida law will govern any dispute that arises out of or relates to this purchase order.


  1. Before any legal action is filed concerning this purchase order, you and TRC Electronics agree to participate in a mediation before a neutral mediator that will last a minimum of four hours unless the matter is resolved in less than that amount of time.


  1. If any dispute arises between you and TRC Electronics, and a lawsuit is filed, the prevailing party will be entitled to recover their reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.